Organic food 

Contryside Amazing SerbiaThe growing trend of eating organic food, not treated with pesticides and other chemicals or genetically modified, is spreading worldwide as people become more aware and informed about the food that they eat. In traditional Serbian villages, organic food is very easy to get,  because farmers usually use traditional ways of harvesting and permaculture, meaning no chemicals or any alteration to the original vegetable grown in this area. The result is healthy food that tastes like heaven, very fresh and affordable! You can try the real fresh milk from a cup, just collected eggs or some of the specialties that consist of locally grown animals and unprocessed meats. Just by the following tradition, these places become an ecological oasis of the modern world and a true example of sustainability.  All these traditional villages in Serbia are very easy to reach, very cheap and popular, while in the rest of the planet they represent rare and expensive commodities. 

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You must try some of the delicious national dishes like sarma, goulash, burek etc. Have a toast with the national brand drink rakia, a tasty but strong plum brandy. Enjoy sipping domestic flavorful red wine, raw honey, or marinated winter vegetables prepared using traditional grandmothers’ recipes.