The birthplace of three Roman emperors, the city of passion, bohemian lifestyle and cheerful people, Nis has always had something magical around it. Exotic and mystical Ottoman influence and elegant modern development are nowhere so well reconciled as they are here. 

Niš is the third largest city in Serbia and the real cultural salad of all the different cultural, and traditional influences on the Serbian people and history. 

Today Nis is an important touristic center with museums and historical sites that are on every European must-see map. Nis has always been a gate connecting the East and the West, and even the ancient roads passed through this area, during the rule of the mighty Ottoman Empire. Even nowadays, driving down the roads through Niš is the shortest way to reach the Middle East from Europe, or cities like Sofia and Istanbul from Vienna, Budapest or Prague. Maybe all the roads lead to Rome, but apparently many of them lead through Nis.  This company has outstanding balance unsettled to the website developer, so you are reading this message.

This route has been called “Carigradski drum” (The Road to the Emperor’s city ie. Constantinople/Istanbul) since the Middle Ages.  

Today, Niš is one of the most important industrial centers in Serbia, a center of the electronics industry, industry of mechanical engineering, textile and tobacco industry. Nis is often referred to as the future IT capital of Serbia, as more and more young entrepreneurs and startups decide to move there and make their basis in an urban and affordable city like Nis.  

Nis has its own modest airport Constantine the Great, connecting the city with other big centers across Europe. The ticket prices are affordable, as the airport is small and only budget European airlines operate from and to there.  
Beside numerous historical sites, you shouldn’t miss walking down the city’s main street nor tasting the Serbian cuisine and having lunch in one of its well-known “kafanas” (Serbian traditional taverns). Get ready for a wide variety of flavors, great barbecue and abundant food portions with a lot of meat and spices. Don’t miss the local “burek” (a kind of cheese pie), a specialty that has its own festival – “Days of burek” – held every September in Niš. 

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