Introduction to Smederevo 

Explore the quirky city of Smederevo, a small in size but huge in its cultural, traditional and historical treasures. Smederevo is located in a superior location on the Danube River and is famous for its vineyards and noble wines, an ancient fortress that still to this day uncovers unbelievable archaeological treasures and the modern city popular with the young for its strong pop culture and affordable prices. Smederevo continues to grow and to attract visitors from all over the world with a unique blend of various things and places to explore. Try the delicious unique  white wine from this region that carries the name of the city “Smederevka” 

In the process of city development, some cities have become the capital of their trade and prosperity, and some of them are built to protect the throne of the Empire. Smederevo belongs to both types - it is the last fortress of the Serbian medieval kingdom and the real barrier between the Ottoman Empire and Western Europe, but also a true industrial center for a long time. Located in central Serbia, Smederevo lies on the banks of the Danube and is the administrative center of the Danube region.  It is surrounded by the Danube River in the north, Velika Morava, the large Serbian river in the east, and surrounded by beautiful mountains in the Sumadija region in the west and south. The optimal geographic position and rich history just call out for exploring the city of Smederevo. 

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