About Us

Amazing Serbia is a multipurpose, self-supporting platform, and the main objective is to promote 
The Republic of Serbia as a tourist destination in the People's Republic of China, as well as promoting and improving 
the intercultural dialogue between China and Serbia. 

With its program, services, and activities, Amazing Serbia has an influence on the further development of mutual 
understanding and respect for the people of our two countries and in this way it stimulates both social and 
economic exchange. 

Amazing Serbia is like a bridge that, with help of modern technologies, combines two ancient countries with 
culturally and traditionally rich people, and its work is based on the foundation of the Chinese – Serbian friendship. 
Whether you want to explore the natural beauty of Serbia, learn something new through our educational programs 
or improve your business and get closer to the Chinese market, we are at your disposal. 

We are here as a friend, guide or business partner - as a stable and solid link that connects Serbia and China. 
A famous Chinese philosopher and writer, Lao Cede once said: 
“The 1,000-mile journey begins with just one step.” 

We believe that our platform is your first step on this exciting journey.