Belgrade (capital  City) - Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, Ada Ciganlija, Avala, NNightlife, Shoping, Monuments, Museums, Cruising the rivers, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Organized tours of Belgrade and Serbia tours, Mountains, lakes, spas, rural tourism (ethno villages), Visiting winery, Sport, Adventure Serbia, Festivals. 

Depending on what you want and love, we have various suggestions for visiting Serbia.

Belgrade (Museums, monuments, nightlife, restaurants, bars…), Tour of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Subotica, Palic (nature, lake), Fruska Gora (nature, wineyards, tradition), Salaši (Farms and horses ), Castle…)

Belgrade (Museums, monuments, nightlife, restaurants, bars…), Tour of Serbia (Nis, Jagodina, Kraljevo,Kursumljia, Topola, Oplenac..)

Belgrade (Museums, monuments, nightlife, restaurants, bars…), Tour of Serbia ( Cacak, Zlatibor, Zlatar,Tara, Uvac, Sarganska osmica). 

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It is possible to travel beyond the borders of Serbia. It is only necessary to accentuate this agent before the vehicle is taken in order to provide the necessary documentation for the abandonment of Serbia.

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Old Belgrade & Traditional Belgrade: Old Town (old houses, Mosque, Nevski, Jewish community, café culture), Skadarlija (traditional pub – kafana, musicians, Đura Jaksic monument and house, Cetinjska street ), Kalemegdan (Pobednik, Zoo, Castle, Roman well), Kosancicev Venac ( old houses, view, Konak Knjeginje Ljubice), Saint Sava Temple, Zemun / Gardos Tower ( Quay, Tower, Architecture), Knez Mihailova Street (Serbian Academy of Sciences, small streets next to Knez Mihailova Street), Bajloni ( Green Market), Zeleni Venac, Avala Monument, Ada Ciganlija, Traditional dance and clothes.

Modern Belgrade: Clubs, Restaurants, Kralja Petra Street (designer shops), Wine bars, Avala Tower, Museums, Monuments


Vojvodina: Fruška Gora (nature, wineyards, tradition), Salaši (Farms and horses), Novi Sad (Theatre, Churches, architecture, city centre, Petrovaradin), Subotica (small town), Palić (nature, lake), Castle

Danube tour: Viminacium (Ancient Roman Excavation site), Mammoth graveyard, Smederevo (medieval fortress and wineyards), Golubac medieval fortress, Đerdap national park, Emperor Trayans monument (ancient Roman monument)

Eastern Serbia: Felix Romuliana (Gamzigrad archealogical site), Rtanj mountain (mystical mountain, Serbian Carpathian), Springs of Grza, Manasija monastery, The Great Buk waterfall,

Central Serbia – Shumadija: Oplenac (royal mausoleum, nature, historical church), Risovacha cave (Palaeolithic archaeological site), Mount Bukulja (extinct volcano mountain, source of mineral water), The vineyards of Shumadija / “Serbian Toscana”

Western Serbia: Uvac (Special Nature Reserve, protected species – the griffon vulture), Zlatar (mountain, lake, nature), Zlatibor (traditional food, ethno villages, old culture, tradition, mountain), Sirogojno (old traditional knitwear, traditional food, old houses), Mećavnik (old train tour, ethno villages)

Central Serbia – Western – Southern Shumadija (4th August): The Peshter Plateau (karst plateau), Ivanjica town + Mount Golija, Studenica monastery (UNESCO world heritage list, 12th century), Žiča monastery, Vrnjačka Banja (famous small town, nature, spa), Kraljevo city

Southern Serbia (5th August): Niš (3rd biggest city in Serbia, capitol of South, birthplace of Constantine the Great), The Skull Tower (Skull Tower is a stone structure embedded with human skulls located in Niš, Serbia. It was constructed following the Battle of Čegar of May 1809, during the First Serbian Uprising), The Niš Fortress, The Craftsmen District (Old part of town in Niš, traditional)

There are 24 cities in Serbia, each of which has a unique history, stories and legends, and most of them are known as places of good entertainment and entertainment that lasts until the morning. They will welcome you cordial people, known for their warm hospitality. From Subotica to the north, to Prishtina in the south - every city in Serbia has more history, more stories and legends than it can fit in any book. And when you are tired of visiting historical monuments and walks, you can always find a vacation in taverns, cafes and restaurants, where every place in Serbia is already well known.

Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Subotica-Palic, Smederevo, Golubac, Arandjelovac-Topola-Oplenac, Despotovac. 

About the lakes and rivers of Serbia you can write a whole book, but we have chosen the following lakes and rivers for you in our opinion the most beautiful.

Lakes: Palic, Djerdap, Lake of Vlasina, Zlatarsko, Zaovinsko, Borsko, Silver lake, Perucac lake, 

Rivers: river Sava, river Danube, Tara, Uvac

On rivers we can organize cruises, rafting. If you need detailed information, you can contact our expert team, which corresponds to your individual requirements at a price of 3eur.

Mountains (The mountains have been for years Serbia's pride and the most attractive places for pleasure and enjoyment, and they have world-famous tourist centers): Zlatibor, Zlatar, Kopaonik, Tara, Avala, Fruska Gora, Rtanj, Stara planina

We organize skiing, hiking in the mountains.

You can experience different types of adventures in Serbia: Kayaking (Novi Sad, Uvac, Drina, Belgrade,Danube Iron gate, Ibar White water), Paragliding, Rafting ( in Tara, Drina), Sport ( Skiing, hiking, water sport), canyoning in Serbia (Beawers canyoning, tribe canyoning), And much more. 

Through us you can get all the detailed information about accommodation reservation, organization of sightseeing of Serbia, transportation, on-line reservation of restaurants, bars and clubs, wine tours, rent a car, practical information. 

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In Serbia, you can go shopping at the Shopping Center where you can find famous world and local brands.

Belgrade: Usce shopping mall, Delta City shopping mall, Rajiceva shopping mall, Stadion shopping mall, Big fashion shopping mall, Capitol park, Rakovica, Zemun park, Aviv park-Pancevo

Novi Sad: Big shopping centre

Mihano Momosa, Darko Kostic, Roksanda Ilincic, Biljana Tipsarevic, Melisa, Balasevic, Irena Grahovac, Fashion House Mona, Tijana Krstić Atelier, Diline Dresses
Knez Mihajlova Street where you can also find famous world and domestic brands.

Through Amazing Serbia you can reserve your place in various restaurants, bars, clubs.

Restaurants ( Saran-fish restaurant, Kovac national restaurant, Lorenco i Kakalamba Italian restaurant, Frida-modern restaurant whit a variety of foods)

Clubs ( Leto – House Music, Tech House Music, Deep Music, Disco Sound Music, Kasina-live music, Hot mess- DJ, RNB..Lasta House Music, Deep Music, Disco Sound Music, Bank, Remix, River, Freestayler…)

We find the ideal place according to your wishes.

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We organize individual and group tours as well. Sightseeings, 3, 5, 7 day tours, reservations for accomodation, restaurants, clubs, everyhing you can imagin. Everything can be organized by your specific requests.

If you’re looking for a great wine tour in Serbia which will involve sampling the best wine & food and seeing some amazing wine country along the way – you are on the right place. We organize winery tours in cooperation with the best wineries in Serbia.

Here is the list of some of them: Šapat (Whisper) Winery - Novi Slankamen, Cellary Radovanovic  - Valjevo, Matalj Winery - Negotin, Jagodinska Winery - Jagodina, Budimir Winery - Aleksandrovac, Mačkov Podrum (Tomcat’s Wine Cellar) – Irig, Zvonko Bogdan - Palić.

We organize cruises along the Sava and the Danube, Djerdap, Uvac..with departures from various cities. Cruise can be one-day or several days, which includes visits to several cities.

There are 122 bicycle routes in Belgrade to explore. We can help you to rent a bike and choose one of our routes (riverside or city center) or to make a personalized tour by your request.

Exchange offices in Serbia can be found in almost every street, shopping mall, hotel and sometimes at gas stations. It's also possible to exchange your money at the bank.

Fun is guaranteed while you’re in Serbia. Wherever you go you will find a lot of clubs, bars, pubs, all kind of parties, live performances of all genres. We can organize you pub crawls, Belgrade underground and fortresess dungeons tours, fun games in Adventure Park on Ada Ciganlija and much more.

It’s always best option to inform yourself about ticket reservations (especialy for groups  of 10 or more people), prices and visiting hours. There are a lot of museums in Serbia and there is not one general answer. We can get all the informations you need about specific museum/museums.

Serbia if famous for national cuisine, and there is a complete list of dishes you simply must try while you’re here. There are also a bunch of restaurants of typical Serbian meals in almost every corner. You can choose from street fast food to most exclusive ethno restaurants. We are here to help you to select menu  best for you based on your own taste. Offer you the restaurants is in old town, riverside or in modern parts of the Belgrade.

Domestic cuisine hunting specialties, dishes prepared under sac, grill, fish, paprika, homemade bread ...

Specialties that you must try in Serbia: burek, gibanica, grilled meat, baking, Karađorđ's steak, sarma, gulas, đuvec, musaka, čvarci, kajmak, prosciutto, sour milk.

Drinking coffee is a centuries-old tradition in Serbia, so do not miss the local coffee with a baklava, cookies vanilice, ratluk, while friendly hosts in your homes will first offer you slatko ( is a thin fruit preserve made of fruit or rose petals) and water.

For the national fruit, Serbia is considered a plum from which a well-known rakija sljivovica is made, which in a way became one of the symbols of Serbia. Do not leave Serbia without drinking at least one.

Belgrade city public transport is provided through a network of bus, trolleybus and tram routes run by GSP "Beograd" and bus services operated by private bus companies, on around 130 routes. There are also express minibus services which are a little more expensive, but also more comfortable and quicker. Single tickets can be bought: in public transport vehicles, from the driver or conductor, at kiosks marked with a ticket sales sticker, at GSP points-of-sale.

There are a lot of festivals in Serbia, from small local festivals (The Street Performers Festival in Novi Sad, Rostiljijada – Serbian Grill Festival in Leskovac, The Burek Days in Nis) to festivals where great world stars perform.

We have whole list but for you we made list of most popular festivals in Serbia: EXIT Music Festival (Novi Sad), Guča Trumpet Festival (Guča), Beer Fest (Belgrade), Nisville Jazz Festival (Niš), Kustendorf – The International Film and Music Festival, Guitar Fest (Zaječar), Love Fest (Vrnjačka Banja).

The small Serbian villages are located in remote locations, preserving the traditional spirit through friendly locals and authentic setting.  Far away from modern pollution, busy life and technology era, you will have the feeling that the time has stopped and that you are in a far away place that knows no stress from the technology era.

Most famous Serbian Ethno Villages are: Kustendorf - the wooden village, Sirogojno ethno village, Moravski konaci ethno village, Tiganjica ethno village, Suncana River ethno village, Rajski konaci ethno village.

Palaces and fortresses scattered around Serbia give evidence of turbulent past but also of romantic stories, duels and bohemian nights. All over the country there are different traces of past civilizations that lived n this area. Discover Fairy-tale castles around Vojvodina, Best preserved military fortresses, rich Roman heritage, and much more.

This is the list of most famous fortresess in Serbia: Petrovaradin fortress - Novi Sad, Kalemegdan fortress - Belgrade, Smederevo fortress, Felix Romuliana - Zaječar, Golubac fortress, Niš fortress.

First museums in Serbia opened in the 19th century and were of the crucial importance for getting to know better the real Serbian culture and history. There are around 100 museums across Serbia, consisting of different cultural, historic and artistic exhibitions and installations. Each one tells a story of one nation and the most important of its figures – politicians, wars, pioneers, scientist and artists.  Most of the Serbian museums are located in the old building that are a sort of exhibits themselves, giving more to the authentic feel of the country and an old nation.

National Serbian Museum in Belgrade: Museum of Yugoslavia, Nikola Tesla Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ethnographic Museum  in Belgrade, Museum of Aviation, Archaeological Hall in Nis, City Museum of Novi Sad.

Medieval monasteries and churches, witnesses of the rise and fall of Serbian empire and state, are very important part of a culture that Serbia is proud of. Churches, witnesses of the rise and fall of Serbian empire and state, are very important part of a Serbian. In every Serbian city and town you will find centrally located Orthodox church. Many of them are historic and cultural symbols of time and past events.  The biggest and the mightest of Serbian rulers didn't only want to be remebered for their ruling, wars or political decisioins. They were leaving behind authentic traces of spiritual culture, lonely monasteries, each more beautiful and bigger than the previous one. The famous dinasty “Nemanjic” has built the most of Serbian monasteries in different mountains or natural areas wherever they decided to spend the alst of their retired days.

The results are the old monasteries, some dating back to the 11th centuries: Ružica Curch – Kalemegdan, Temple of Saint Sava – Belgrade, Church of Saint Mark – Belgrade, Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel – Belgrade, Studenica Monestery – Kraljevo, Sopoćani – Raška, Manasija – Despotovac, Ravanica - Ćuprija, Žiča - Kraljevo, Patriarchate of Peć – Kosovo.

With numerous wellness facilities and quality service, the spa in Serbia is considered to be a very demanding holiday destination. We present you some of domestic spa & wellness destinations: Koviljača Spa, Gamzigradska Spa, Niška Spa, Sokobanja Spa, Prolom Spa, Vrnjačka Spa. Of course there are also wellness and spa centers in Belgrade and other cities, as well as in most hotels.

The area code for Belgrade in national traffic is 011. The area code for Serbia in international traffic is 381. To call Belgrade from abroad please dial the appropriate international code, e.g. 00, then dial the area code for Serbia 381 and the area code for the city (without the initial 0)11. To call a foreign country from Belgrade, please dial the international code 00, then the country area code, the city area code (without 0) and, finally, the telephone number of the subscriber.

Police – 192, Fire-fighters – 193, Ambulance – 194.