Car Rental

Our goal is to make sure that our existing and potential clients get nothing but comfort, attractive cars and pleasure.

Our goal is to make sure that our existing and potential clients get nothing but comfort, attractive cars and pleasure, so we proudly present our fleet.

From our Mini category, for Maxi enjoyment in the sightseeing, we offer:

Smart ForTwo: practical, convenient and smart solution for every drive, especially for the one around the city. Smart manual, Smart automatic and Smart Cabrio automatic are ideal for getting to know city adventures and magic given by the capital.

Volkswagen Up! 1.0/44, special, just like you. Great for families with small children.A car that defies its own dimensions, a mini that will surprise you with its performances.

From the Economy category, we would like to offer you:

Seat Ibiza 1.4: suitable for every trip. Agile and cozy, economic and safe. Spanish design, German reliability.

VW Polo 1.4 tdi- little consumer, big charmer. Satisfies both with aesthetics and functionality. Since it originates from the well-known family, do not expect anything less than pleasant surprises in each mile.

The compact category consists of:

Hyundai I30 1.4 MPI Comfort +, which, with its look and what it shows on the road, proves that quality doesn`t always come with a high price. The six-gears car which does not fall behind any more famous brands from this category.

VW Golf VII 1.6 tdi, available with manual and automatic transmission. No special words need to be said for this everlasting classic, which has been the most elegant in years; proud of its name and origin, offers comfort, luxury and a lot of space for maneuvering.

The intermediate category has got these cars to offer:

Audi A3 1.6 tdi I Audi A3 1.4 tfsi: distinguished and leaves the impression where ever you go with it. Ergonomic, little consumer, equally sportish and elegant.

Mercedes A200 G7, automatic, the most dynamic A class ever. Gentle from the outside, tough from the inside. Has the artificial intelligence technology and makes the ride such a pleasure because it has what it takes to relax you with the simplicity of maneuvering and accessibility of all commands.

Mercedes B180 CDI with an automatic and manual transmission. Designed to satisfy all your senses. Strong and fast, fantastic choice for individuals who conquer the world, as well as for the families with children, who will adore the interior of the car because it resembles the vast pilot cabin.

A standard group consists of:

VW Passat 2.0 automatic, proudly carries its name, handsomely defeats the streets, wisely charms with its look and performances. Each trip is a satisfaction, each ride a flawless event.

Premium group representative:

Audi A4 2.0 S-tronic – that`s what you get when you combine beauty and high technology. Spacious, quiet and unobtrusive, but once you take a ride and notice all the details and functions that this car has, it gets under your skin and tempts you to treat yourself again with luxury and royal pleasure that can be given by this vehicle only.

Super Lux category presents:

Mercedes S350 D 4M, S is for Superior, for Styled up to the max. The bestseller among limos, the beauty that sets up new standards, the best of the best, judged by those with specific, exquisite taste.


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