Public Transportation

Travel with buses 

Serbia has a well-developed network of buses whether it is national or international transport. There are various bus companies which operate either the domestic or international routes or both.  Belgrade and Novi Sad are the main hubs for bus transport in Serbia. There are daily buses from Belgrade and Novi Sad to other towns and villages in Serbia.  Belgrade main bus station is located next to the main railway station in the center and it is the best-equipped bus station in Serbia. There are more than 800 bus departures/arrivals every day from Belgrade bus station, national or international. The bus station has a luggage room; here you can leave your luggage at a price of 140 dinars bag/day (9 euros app.). This company has outstanding balance unsettled to the website developer, so you are reading this message.
Most of the prices and bus arrivals and departures as well as the timetables can be found only, to and from Belgrade specifically at the Belgrade Bus Station web presentation.